A benchmark service comparing php router component post

So many routers available, which one should you choose?

Querying packagist with router returns a result set of 35 pages.

Overwhelmed by that number of results, you ask yourself "which one should I choose"?

When I am evaluating a component, I pick up to 10 and dig into the examples or the code. If both is worth seeing its getting tricky. For the evaluation of a good php router, I am on that point. More than one project is fitting my needs and my esthetics of style. Thanks to Tyler Sommer there is a router benchmark out there. Take a look to the pull requests if your router component is not listed. If your router component is still not availabe, test it and pull a request.

Other Benchmarks

There are also other router benchmarks out there: * by DASPRID * by c9s * by conformity

Finaly Words

Since we are in the domain of benchmarking code, I suggest you should take a look to the athletic benchmark framework for php.

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